G-Dragon Gay Confessions

This morning we got another confession talking about GD being gay, the other admin seems to have taken the confessions out of the ask so I don’t know when and if she’ll post the GD one but I just wanted to say that it will be the last time posting something related to any BIGBANG member’s sexual orientation. I’ve been able to stand the confessions until now, but I think getting 4 confessions about it in less than 2 weeks is ridiculous. Personally I don’t think being gay is confession worthy, I don’t get confessions saying “I think T.O.P is straight”. Even though it’s the exact same thing, being bi or gay shouldn’t be something that you feel the need to point out. It doesn’t make them any less of a person than you are and it also shouldn’t matter that much to you because whether GD likes penis or vagina or both, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) physically affect you. So I ask you kindly please stop sending in confession talking about their sexual preferences.

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