Hi, my name is Janeth. I am a V.I.P and admin of BIGBANGGIFS. There has been a recent event that has caused major depression, fear, stress and pain to my life. I was assaulted and beat up by my sisters husband on January of 6th and sent to the hospital after. A month later came in the hospital bill. As a jobless and broke college student I do not have the money and thought of going to the extreme to get it so I could be free of this debt but that will only dig a bigger hole in the problem.

The aftermath that happened has made me cringe at times looking at BIGBANG. The same five men that brought me so many smiles, laughs, and tears all these years, even changed my life, turned all sour and bitter at one point because of this one psycho bastard pig. I’m sorry for my language, I know BIGBANG isn’t like that and will never be; it just boils my blood so much, I feel so helpless, alone, and turning to my own family didn’t help one bit. So now I’m turning to my fandom, the same fandom I spazz, laugh, cry and express my emotions with on tumblr and over the internet. 

From one V.I.P to another, will you help me?

With the guidance, help and OK of BIGBANGGIFS Shronda and Yarden; I am accepting donations to my PayPal to help me pay off the bills. 

$1 is all I ask for, nothing more.

  • Hospital/Medical Bills: $2,000
  • Donation: $1
Paypal > Send Money: 
  • To:
  • Amount: $1
  • Personal: Gift

Please understand, I am not forcing anyone to donate. I don’t and will not think less of anyone if they can’t donate or just simply ignores this. Donations come from persons own will and heart to do so, and the availability to be able to donate via PayPal. Even if I can’t get to my goal, the little dollars I receive, if I do, would mean the world to me. It shows how strong this fandom, no, not fandom, this family is.

Thank you.

V.I.P, Until Whenever

- Janeth

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slow confessions week due to midterms,

good luck to everyone else who has midterms/exams!

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I was more excited for taeyangs new album than gdragon’s new album. Kinda sad that taeyangs not going to have an album out soon.
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Big Bang has this.. power. The moment they stand on the stage, the atmosphere gets so much crazier & wilder. They have this ability to just make the audience go crazy and it’s really powerful. Like i can’t even express it but you can just feel it. Like when they’re on stage, the feeling & atmosphere is so different from all the other artists.

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Although I missed the LA concert because of a transpiration problem, I still believe that I will be able to see them live one day.

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VIP is actually one of the worst fandoms; we’re very concieted, we sometimes are delusional, and most of them likes their bias because of his looks *cough*TOP*cough* Plus, we they are always so quick to throw gd under the bus.

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T.O.P is like 2NE1’s DARA; its not that they arent talented, its just that they are the least talented within the group in regards to music, they only have the most fans because of their looks and cuteness. Not trying to hate, just saying it as it is.

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The thought of Seungri being trained for the army scares me a little bit. I can just imagine him all loud and obnoxious and getting picked on by hyungs. But then he gets super loud and annoying do his dongsaengs and makes jokes everywhere. Or worse, he starts going “PLEASE SCOLD ME MORE, PLEASE SCOLD ME” to his officer.

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What were my boys wearing on Seoul Music Awards?? The clothes are just so hideous! Totally not befitting BigBang’s usual badass image! 

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I’ve seen some VIP’s on twitter bash Taeyang the last couple of days, and honestly I’m getting really tired of it. Just really bashing him over what his hair looks like at the moment, Taeyang loves his hair and sure, I loved when he had the mohawk but I actually think his hair looks nice right now, and I support whatever way he wants to look, and the rest of Bigbang. A different hairstyle shouldn’t change what they mean to you and I feel some VIP’s forget that when they insult him.

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